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Sir Cerdoc’s Year 486

Sir Cerdoc was not able to meet up with the other knights in 486 and so had some other tasks to attend to.

Bishop Roger, Bishop of Salisbury has tasked Sir Cerdoc to clear Chute Forest of bandits, the Earl has given his permission. Sir Cerdoc enlisted the help of his bastard brothers, Sir Alban, Sir Samson and his cousin Sir Mathew as well as a few of his household men-at -arms.

The posse of Knights and their retinue head north from Amesbury and spoke to numerous peasants in order to garner the location of the bandits. It appeared they were using an abondoned village north of the river and just on the outskirts of Chute Forest. Sir Cerdoc sent out his squire Luc to scout ahead. He came back with the location and a rough guess of twelve bandits. Sir Mathew, Sir Samson and half the men-at-arms are sent across the river further to the east in an attempt to cut off any attempted escape of the bandits. Sir Cerdoc and Sir Alban head into the camp and a skirmish ensues. The bandits do not leave and the knights are left with no choice but to attack. One man-at-arms is struck by an arrow when he walked into the village but luckily he survives what was a near fatal belly wound. The battle only lasts a few moments with the bandits not putting up much of a resistance. A few are alive at the end and are marched back to Amesbury to a very pleased Bishop Roger. He has also managed to gather up some of the goods that they had stolen and returns those to the Bishop.

Bishop Roger calls Sir Cerdoc aside for a special matter and the family knights head home.

The Bishop explains that his sister has a beautiful daughter whom she wishes married to a knight. Bishop Roger is intrigued whether this would interest Sir Cerdoc. Sir Cerdoc believes he is not worthy but accepts the kind offer. The girl has only a small dowry of £2 but is pious and goodly. Her name is Blodwen ferch Alec and she is fourteen. Alec is the blacksmith in Sarum and fashions a new sword for Sir Cerdoc as part of Blodwen’s dowry. The wedding takes place at Sarum a few weeks before Christmas. Sir Cerdoc, being a pious man himself, abstains from trying for children due to his new bride’s young age.


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