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Year 487: Salisbury knights go raiding

Sirs Alafon, Rodric, Cynlas, Cerdoc and Julius chose to go on Saxon raiding with Prince Madoc. They mustered in Hantonne in the spring of 487. The prince gave a speech about the mission and said that they were not going for plunder, or for slaves, nor for the love of battle. This was a pure raiding mission. They were to land at various places and the sailors would burn the Saxon boats whilst the knights and men-at-arms protected them.

The Salisbury knights were a little annoyed by this. Having chosen this mission hoping to gain glory and gold. It looked like glory was the only thing on offer. Amongst them was Sir Jaradan who chatted to Sir Cynlas before the raiding.

The first bay they landed on was a Pevensy. A band of Saxon peasantry came down to the sure to try and stop the burning. Sir Cynlas organised the troops and successfully protected the sailors as they burned the ships. A good few Saxons met their ends as well. Next along was Dover and this time they met stiffer resistance in some Heorthgeneats. Sir Cynlas and Sir Jaradan on the right flank have a little more to contend with. A Saxon Berserker has clearly seen Sir Cynlas as a powerful adversary and comes in swinging his great axe. If the axe had connected he would have met his maker for sure. The skill of Sirs Cynlas and Jaradan was better though as they ran the Saxon dog through before his axe could connect. Much cheer went up amongst the men. A few wounds were picked up by Sir Cynlas and Sir Alafon but not enough to stop them slaughtering the Heorthgeneats with abandon.

The ships then sail on and head up Blackwater River. This leads to Maldon where the sailors put paid to more ships but this time no opposition for our intrepid knights. The fleet sets off again up the Blackwater River to where it meets the Colne. There a fleet of East Saxons meets them. The ships go alongside each other and a naval battle takes place. The knights are set up well again by Sir Cynlas who is now starting to make a name for himself as a leader. They engage the East Saxons as they try to board them. The first wave are easily dispatched and some fall in between the two ships. Again a few wounds are traded and Sir Julius even picks up a few nicks. It is not long though until they have beaten back the East Saxon scum and are able to burn their boats as well. With the sky ablaze with the lights from the fires they set sail again and the fleet sets off again. They rest at Yarmouth.

The following morning sees the fleet head northward to the lands of Lindsey and are met by more Saxons on the shores of the Wash. They dispatched those foes but in the ensuing battle Sir Rodric is overcome with melancholy and retires from the front lines and Sir Julius is maddened by his hatred for Saxons and can’t face his opponents. He retires and is inconsolable. The other knights try to talk him round after the battle but he is not listening. The last they see is of him wandering into the Duke of Lindsey’s lands. The raiding over the fleet sails south and back for the familiar surroundings of Hantonne where the knights disembark and head for Salisbury.

The winter sees some wonderful news for Sir Alafon. He is now the proud father of a baby boy. Loumarche was born but a few months earlier. Sir Cynlas is also really proud of his Lady Una and she has given both to the next heir of Bedwyn. A boy by the name of Jac. Sir Rodric’s seed shows no signs of abating either. The serving maid he went off with is now a mother of a boy called Penri and Lady Bronwen has given birth to a beautiful girl called Carrwyn. It seems there is something in the waters of Salisbury.


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