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Year 492: Banishment of Sir Moelwyn

The year starts off again with Sir Alafon and his quest for some creatures to house in his cages. He recruits Sirs Cerdoc and Cynlas. It’s a long day and the quarry is not cornered until the setting sun. The creature is large and on getting closer it is identified as a Wyrm. A large snake like animal capable of breathing fire. It lashes it’s tail out at the knights and causes a few small wounds. After a few rounds of combat it is Sir Cerdoc that bears the brunt of the creatures fury. It bites down on him in it’s death throes and clamps down. Sir Cynlas and Sir Alafon close to finish the creature off but it is too late for the Christian knight. He joins his wife in the afterlife. Another Salisbury knight has fallen.

The Easter court is held in Tintagel and the Earl spends a moment talking with Alafon. He asks that he doesn’t take more risks with the hunting. The kingdom is not safe and he cannot afford to lose any more good men.

The news at the Easter court is that Ygraine is pregnant and that Uther is pleased with this. Although the rumour goes that she believes she was visited by Gorlois on the day he died. He died a good few miles away though so she has to be wrong. Doesn’t she?

Sir Alafon talks with Morgan who is the youngest of the three step daughters of Ygraine. She is about eleven and has a keen mind and enjoys games of chess with which she is teaching Alafon. Sir Cynlas gets to know Margawse and learns that she is to be married to King Lot and that her younger sister Elaine is to marry King Nentres who is Lot’s right hand man.

In the spring, a few weeks after the Easter court is the joint wedding of the two sisters to the two King’s of the North. This should help secure an alliance with the North, an area often troubled.

In late spring our knights are riding patrol around Terrabil and our riding along Bodmin moor when they come across Merlin. He is carrying a bundle they can’t identify and seems to be in a hurry. He asks them to help him and delay those following. The knights nod in agreement and he disappears off into some trees. Our knights line up and prepare to attack whoever is coming. When the noise of approaching men reveals the voice of Sir Brastias they ease up on their spears. Sir Brastias with a troop of men trots at them and asks them where Merlin went. They point in the correct direction and then turn to join him in finding him. Merlin is nowhere to be seen however.

When they arrive back at the castle later that day they are given a cold rececption and told that Sir Brastias has accused them of treason in helping Merlin escape with Uther’s son.

In the morning they are each questioned by Father Dewi who is the local priest and he takes down their statements. They of course deny helping Merlin and in fact they helped Sir Brastias when the truth of the matter was revealed.

Later in the day the court is in session with Uther flanked by Duke Ulfius, Bishop Dubricus and Queen Ygraine is there as well. Bishop Roger speaks for the knights before he is cut short by Uther who asks them to speak for themselves. They tell their tales and then Queen Ygraine spits that she wants them to be killed for helping Merlin steal her baby. Bishop Roger declares the knights are innocent as Merlin had enchanted them. Sir Amig speaks of the knights good deeds and then the Earl of Salisbury puts his neck on the line by giving his word that they are honourable and trustworthy men.

Uther speaks with his council and it is decided that Merlin is to be cast out of the kingdom and that the knights are innocent as they have helped him and Britain greatly in the past. Merlin is now an outlaw of Britain.

With relief the knights leave court.

Christmas court is a subdued affair back in Salisbury. The knights of Salisbury are glad to be home. There is one incident of note which leaves the Earl with a sour taste. It seems Sir Moelwyn’s cousin Sir Oswalt has got married to the Lady Ailwen – she who was raped by Sir Rodric and bore a daughter to him. The daughter is now in a nunnery and Sir Oswalt wished to speak with Moelwyn. There was an argument, Sir Moelwyn wishing him well but saying that the Lady was dead to him. The Earl got involved and asked Sir Moelwyn to retract his statement saying Sir Rodric was found guilty and that is an end to it. Moelwyn didn’t back down and left the Earl with but one choice. He cast him out from Salisbury.

Well, this was a very interesting session. Tensions are running high and it’s easy to see that the players are invested in their characters. John was not backing down from the Earl as Sir Moelwyn and the Earl through me was not going to either. Intense stuff. Let’s see what 493 brings. We will have two new knights.


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