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Year 489: For the ladies honour

Around spring time the army musters in Sarum ready to launch at attack on Cornwall. They are prepared for a 40 day campaign. Prince Madoc is commanding the vanguard, Uther the main and Duke Ulfius the rearguard where Salisbury and our knights are stationed.

After a week or so of travelling the knights are getting restless for battle. Eventually they sight a host on the horizon and the army slowly makes it’s way there. The army lines up in battle formation with the rearguard containing the Salisbury knights naturally forming up on the left flank. Up ahead in the trees can be seen some armoured men, a few archers here and there.

King Uther rides forward to parley with Merlin walking beside him. The king yells “One land, one king”
“Justice!” shouts Gorlois back. Sir Cerdoc recognised the duke’s arms and told his fellow knights.
“Show him the sword” Somebody shouts and Uther draws Excalibur gleaming bright even in the morning sun.
“Behold the Sword of Victory, forged when the world was young.” Explains Merlin.
The duke trotted back to his lines to hold a parley with his advisers. Turning back “If I surrender, what do I get?”
“You get…” Starts the king before Merlin intercedes. “All the land from here to the sea, to hold for the king.”
“I accept” shouts the duke. A big cheer goes up from both armies.

Gorlois and Uther camp together and spend the night drinking and talking. On the morrow the duke and his army are gone.

At dawn with the Cornish army gone Uther is looking smug and asks his vassals to ride with him to Lindsey. There they will threaten Octa and Eosa. The Saxons that have been raiding the lands in Lindsey and causing problems on the border of Logres.

The army heads north with some heading back home as this extension on the campaign will see them go over the 40 days expected of them. Salisbury has his knights onside and they are keen on spilling some Saxon blood.

A futher two weeks of marching and they are in the lands around Roestoc, just south of Lindsey. The knights spy smoke on the horizon and the Earl asks Sir Moelwyn to take the knights to have a look. Earl Roderick heads of with his other knights. No Saxon army is around but it seems there are several groups raiding and pillaging.

Heading of they come across a small band of Saxons burning a village. Several villagers lay dead and the Saxons are settling light to the thatched roof of the church.

Sir Cynlas, given the command by Sir Moelwyn leads the knights in a charge downhill against the Saxons. As they get closer the Saxon leader sees them and gets his men organised into an effective shield wall.They charge through the wall and Sir Jaradan who is with them losses his spear through the neck of a Saxon killing him before he hits the ground. Sirs Alafon, Moelwyn and Jaradan then see the Saxon leader once they are through the wall and spur their horses at him. Sir Jaradan gets there first and speaks with the Saxon asking him to battle. The Saxon agrees but wishes to see the result of the current skirmish.

A few minutes of combat pass and over half the Saxons are dead or dying and the rest have fled. Sir Cynlas is laying unconscious in his saddle, saved by Sir Alafon. Sir Moelwyn counts two Saxons killed, Sir Alafon three, Sir Rodric took one and Sir Cerdoc took three as well.

At this the Saxon leader surrenders his sword feeling he can’t possibly triumph here. Sir Jaradan is rather pleased with himself that he has a ransom.

At the Christmas court in Sarum the talk is of bringing the fight to the Saxon’s Octa and Eosa and that the Saxons have suffered many losses.

Sir Alafon takes the time to introduce his sister Lyn to the knights and nobles in court in the hopes of securing a match for her. He asks Sir Amig, his father-in-law to dance with her. He accepts but Lyn only succeeds in treading on his feet and upsetting the Marshal.
Lady Sara, the wife of Sir Jaradan is again speaking to other knights, this time she chooses Sir Cerdoc who bores her with religious talk and the sanctity of marriage. Eventually she grows tired of this and leaves to speak with others. Sir Cynlas introduces his wife to Lady Meg, the widow of Sir Baglan. Lady Meg explains she wants something to do whilst the Earl arranges another match for her. She grows tired of courtly life though and her and the Lady Una seem to get on. Sir Cynlas agrees to take her into his household as the personal hairdresser to his wife.

During the feast Sir Cerdoc sees a young knight slap a young lady. He takes the knight to one side and urges him caution. “You do not hit young ladies” He explains and the young knight, Sir Mathew replies “But shes only a woman”. Sir Cerdoc strikes him, thus issuing a challenge. The agree to fight in the morning to first blood. This young knight is ironically Salisbury’s replacement for Sir Baglan. Sir Alafon had had an earlier encounter with the knight who backed down after Sir Alafon challenged him to a lance contest. Sir Alafon’s skill with the lance is well known.

On the morrow the knights are all gathered to witness the bachelor knight Sir Mathew do battle against the pious Sir Cerdoc. The fight doesn’t last long, Sir Cerdoc toys with Sir Mathew at the start. Eventually he grows tired and causes a mortal wound on the bachelor taking two fingers on his sword hand. “To all those young knights here,” he announces “When a lady says no, she means no.” With that he departs the field.

At home Sir Cynlas has become a father again, another son but he doesn’t last the winter.
Sir Moewlyn’s wife gives birth to twin daughters, Lynwen and Banwen. Lynwen dies unfortunately.
Sir Alafon has a daughter he names Cigfa, after his mother. She is ill but lives.
Sir Cerdoc suffers tragic news. His wife, the young Lady Brodwen, she turned sixteen this year and he finally took her to bed. She gaves birth to a daughter in the winter but died of blood loss and fever shortly after. The girl has been named Brodwen. Sir Cerdoc has shut himself away and who knows what the Christian will do.

I really feel that each knight is starting to develop and this session was great fun to play. Poor Sir Cerdoc though. He marries Brodwen when she is fourteen. He waits two years before bedding her, she falls pregnant but then dies in child birth. Sir Cerdoc’s faith is really being challenged.


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