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Year 503: The slaying of Framric Offason, the bane of Salisbury.

Sarum was awash with banners in the spring of AD503. Prince Cynric, son of Cerdic of Wessex was in attendance as well as duke Ulfius’ son Uffo and Sir Lane of Lindsey. A banner for King Nanteleod was also flying but it was just an emissary from him who wanted it known who he represented.

Talk in court is of what these various dignitaries want and also of the Saxon army mustering in Sussex. King Aelle is rumoured to be making a push at London this year.

It seems everyone wants a piece of Salisbury. Prince Cynric again is demanding tribute. The knights of course explain that tribute will not be paid.

Uffo talks of the need for an alliance. Rydychan are onside and they want Salisbury to also sign a declaration of support and to ride with them to London. With the bad blood between Rydychan and Salisbury our knights suggest that Salisbury stay at home and look to their own borders.

Sir Morians is tasked with explaining to Sir Lane of Lindsey that Salisbury will not send arms and politely suggests that Lindsey surrender to King Nanteleod. From what Sir Morians understands King Nanteleod is not likely to attack someone who surrenders and he does appear to have the best interests of Britain at heart.

The knights are in agreement that this year they look to themselves and send men to guard the eastern edge of Salisbury from any raids from Wessex.

Sir Amig gets together groups of four to five knights and sends them off to collect their levies. Each group is then to patrol the borders and repel any would be raiders.

Sirs Caulus, Cenwyn, Miles are led by Sir Morians and with a combined levy of 115 they ride off to the east. They spend several days on patrol before Sir Morians and Caulus spy a potential raiding party moving along the horizon. Morians of Winterbourne Gunner and Lord of Woodford organises the men to cut off their path.

When the Saxon host see the British knights and foot they array themselves for battle. The two lines eye each other from two hundred yards away and it isn’t long before our four knights spur their horses into a charge across the open ground. The clash is loud and bloody and Sir Caulus rode towards the centre and rode into the leader. The banner of Framric Offason was blowing in the breeze, before it fell. The knights rode away again and readied for another charge. This time the levy were close behind. The lines clashed, spear and lance broke and the Saxons fled back from whence they came.

Four Saxons were seen dragging a body away, Sir Caulus saw this was the unconscious form of Framric Offason. The Saxon who had killed Sir Jaradan, had captured him only four years before. The other three knights joined him in a charge. The Saxons dragging him were cut down and scattered. Sir Caulus dismounted, dragged Framric up and beheaded him. No ceremony. No words. A simple deed done. The Saxon spears were used to form a makeshift fence on the border of Salisbury. On each one was a Saxon head facing east.

The remaining days of the patrol were uneventful.

At the winter court it is noticed that Sir Amig is limping. An axe wound he admits and one that is slow to heal. The marshal is not looking as strong as he once did.

London has fallen to the Saxons of King Aelle of Sussex and King Aesc of Kent. Sir Helifer, the British mercenary took their pay and used his siege engines. Ulfius lost a lot of men to the Saxons, more than Rydychan who were slow to attack.

Elsewhere King Nanteleod has battled against King Malahaut’s Saxons for the right of who would take Lindsey. The Saxons were driven from the field and Duke Corneus is now Nanteleod’s vassal.

The knights drink and are more merry than before. There has been less raids into Salisbury’s lands this year and everyone seems more relaxed.

Countess Ellen spoke with Sir Cenwyn about a possible marriage. Sir Morial of Marston’s daughter Blodyn. Sir Cenwyn speaks with Sir Morial who he seems to get along with and the pair agree that the match should go ahead. The marriage will be in the spring time.


This session was great fun. It was interesting watching the players decide to not get involved with what was happening outside Salisbury and look inwards. I had not expected this and ran the skirmish on the fly. They seemed to enjoy it though. The name of Sir Cenwyn’s future wife is wrong, I apologise to my players for that. I just can’t remember what her name was. I should keep better notes. hehe. We meet again on the 18th August.


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