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Year 504: The calm before the storm.

The knights were greeted by Sir Amig in the bailey of Sarum castle. He was clearly limping and in some pain with his leg. He doesn’t mention it though and talks with the knights on matters of import.

The Saxons are in Sarum again. Prince Cynric and his band of Wessexmen demanding tribute. This time the Countess has put them in a smaller hall at the edge of Sarum against the outside wall. Paying them the bare minimum of hospitality. Sir Amig cautions the knights to be on their best behaviour as he believes they will soon be rid of the Saxon menace. He talks no more on the subject.

Sir Amig then introduces a lad of about fifteen summers, a lad of reasonable size steps forward and gives his greetings. Sir Amig explains that this boy is his son, a result of a dalliance with a lady of Lindsey in 489. The lad has been sent down to Salisbury to be squired and Sir Morians is quick to take the boy under his wing. Sir Amig thanks him.

Before the spring court there is the Pagan marriage of Sir Cenwyn and Blodyn. The knights all drink merrily the evening before and are fine for the wedding day. All except Sir Caulus who is feeling like the God of Thunder himself is hammering in his head. He can’t hold any food in.

The druid Tathan performs the marriage ceremony and it goes smoothly, an ox is slaughtered to bring a happy blessing to the union.

A few days later at court the discussion is again about the possible alliance with King Nanteleod. Sir Lak of Estregales is in attendance and speaks on behalf of his king. Nothing is set in stone or on parchment for that matter but it seems both parties are coming to terms.

Penri, squire to Sir Morians is seen arguing with a young girl. It later transpires that she is Bronwen, daughter of the now deceased knight Sir Cerdoc. She is pregnant and believes the baby his. He doesn’t deny that it could be.

King Idres is moving his men towards Somerset, seemingly giving up on his quest for Dorset. The countess urges caution. War is brewing to the east against the Saxons and she doesn’t want to lose men fighting pointlessly against fellow Britons.

The year is a quiet one. The knights patrol Salisbury and then go back to their homes and enjoy the remainder of the year until the Christmas court.

The Christmas court is a smaller affair than usual. Sir Amig is not in attendance. It seems he is abed at his home of Tilshead. The signs are not good.

King Idres has taken Wells and Sir Morians uncle, the bastard Sir Tybion dies in the fighting.

Sir Morians takes the girl Bronwen into his household as she has given birth to a girl. Penri agrees to a future marriage with her.

Blodyn, Sir Cenwyn’s new bride gives birth to twin boys. She must have conceived on their wedding night. Clearly sacrificing an ox is the thing to do.


This was the first half of the two years we played this past Sunday. The next year was a big year so I decided to have this as a shorter, quieter one. War is brewing and in 505 our knights will finally get to take the fight to the Saxons. I’ve also started the aging roles a little early at 33 for the knights. Sir Caulus was okay but Sir Morians SIZ, STR and CON went down.


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