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Year 506: A hunting we will go

Sir Morians met Sir Cenwyn at the south gate of Sarum. They were greeted by Sir Amig, the aging Marshal. Sir Amig, walking with the aid of a cane and clearly not in the best of health, explained about the guests Salisbury are entertaining at the spring court. It seems Prince Mark, son of King Idres is trying to drum up support for his father. Alain de Carlion is also in Sarum, newly announced as Prince Alain, son of King Nanteleod.

Sir Morians was keen to speak with both parties and since the audience with the countess wasn’t for another two days he elected, along with Sir Cenwyn, to spend a day with the Cornish knights and a day with Sir Alain and his entourage.

Sir Cenwyn nearly embarrassed Sir Morians when they were trying to gain an audience with Prince Mark. Sir Morians courtesly apologised and they were allowed into the small hall. They found Prince Mark polite but curt when Sir Cudwal, cousin to Sir Miles, introduced them. Still, once they had spoken with him they then availed themselves of the ale and food and spoke with the remaining knights and men-at-arms.

The following day the mood in Prince Alain couldn’t have been any different. Prince Alain came over to speak with them without being introduced first and spoke in a friendly and open manner. He asked after their families and life in Salisbury and thanked them for the hospitality their liege had showed them. They spoke about battles and Prince Alain favourite subject of hunting.

The audience with Countess Ellen centered around where Salisbury’s allegiance should lay. King Nanteleod still being the popular choice. Sirs Morian and Cenwyn spoke of how they found the two sons and added their weight to the Nanteleod camp. Sir Amig was in agreement. The countess asked that they accompany Prince Alain on a hunting trip. Whilst away she would then let Prince Mark head back with his Cornish knights to his father. She was tactifully trying to keep the two Prince’s apart as both and come to blows previously. An altercation that started with a guard of Prince Mark punching Sir Morians. The guard, Sir Tudfwlch, later apologised and gave a gift of a ring. This was under duress though.

The hunting trip with Prince Alain was a eventful affair. His Lymer hounds were on the sent of a boar and the group stayed together and felt good about bringing in the kill. A few hours in, however, and things hadn’t taken a wrong turn. They lost sight of the boar and found their path blocked by a large Auroch. Larger than the chargers the knights ride this is a formidable prey. It was brought down but not before one of Prince Alain’s knights had been slain. The prince dealt the coup de grace and thanked the men for bringing down the beast for him.

On returning to Sarum the knights where thanked by the countess and allowed to return to their homes after completing their remaining days on garrison duty.

Christmas court was a quiet affair. Sir Miles was still not back from Hantonne and it seems negotiations with the saxons were proceeding slowly.


Only two players this time as it seems this is a difficult time to get everyone together. This was a lot of fun, we’re really building up to some big events in 508, with that in mind we also played out 507 and that report will go up shortly.


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