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Year 507: Raiders and Allies

Our knights are back in Sarum for the spring court and it seems that both Princes are back again. The countess is entertaining them separately and Prince Mark has brought many gifts in an attempt to curry favour. The countess looks overjoyed as she plays the political game and it seems she is negotiating with Prince Alain to allow King Nanteleod’s troops to use Salisbury to get at the rear of the Cornish army.

She delays Prince Mark’s leaving in the hope that it means they can’t get back in time to help their father.

Sirs Morian and Cenwyn spend their forty days service on a progress and come across a Saxon raiding party. This results in many Saxon dead and another fence made with spears topped with Saxon heads. They allowed one farmer to exact revenge on a Saxon that had raped his daughter. Sir Morians handed the old man an axe and he took great joy in cleaving the foreigner’s head in two. A local priest bid them stay in the church as the hour was growing late. Sir Morians then gifted the village elder a librams worth of pennies to help with the rebuild.

It seems Nanteleod’s army moved through Salisbury okay to then make their way to Summerland. They liberated some of the castles from the Cornish but King Idres was reluctant to meet his foe on the field.

Elsewhere in Logres, Duke Corneus, with a hefty number of Anglish mercenaries marched on London and removed the Saxon threat. The citizens rose up against the Saxon occupiers and Duke Corneus has taken up residence in the White Tower. The former castle of King Uther.

The end of the year would have been a quiet affair if it wasn’t for some sad and happy news. Sir Amig, ever weary and wanting to spend more time at home and not training the army or worrying about matters of Salisbury, steps down as Marshal and with agreement of the Countess bestows the title upon Sir Morians. He boasts about Sir Morians skill in battle and with sword and lance. Facts that Sir Morians beams at and does nothing to quell. So, sad that we see the retirement of Sir Amig and happy that a worthy successor was found.


This was a rather interesting year. The raid was good fun to run and John P and I had already agreed beforehand that his character Sir Morians would take over the Marshal duties. His knight was starting to age and he wanted to let him become an NPC. The next sessions date is to be decided but will most likely be the end of November or beginning of December.


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