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Year 509: The knighting of Robert of Salisbury, heir to the county

With the death of a good percentage of Salisbury knights at the Battle of Netley Marsh last year it is time to welcome three new knights to their manors. We have Sir Pelinore of Stapleford, a merciful knight freshly moved from his family holdings in Dorset. Sir Rhufon of Newton, a valorous but arbitrary poor knight and Sir Caemes of Idmiston, a large red haired Christian knight from the lands of Cambria.

But first it is time for the knighting of the young Robert of Salisbury. Sir Morians, Marshal of Salisbury had the honour of knighting the future Earl and was very proud of this fact.

The three new guys were amongst six to be knighted by the new Earl. Unfortunately Sir Pelinore failed to vault onto his horse afterwards. An ill omen? Once knighted they swore fealty to the new Earl. The Countess Ellen could then officially step down from her duties.

Much feasting was had and Sir Pelinore soon got over his horse mishap by bedding the lovely Lora, daughter of Gabran of Woolstone, cousin to Sir Alafon. Normally a chaste girl, there was clearly something about the Dorset knight that she admired. Sir Rhufon also got lucky and spent the evening with a serving maid, waking with bits of straw where he wished they weren’t.

The Earl’s progress around Salisbury was uneventful but it was a time for the knights to converse on matters of the county and to speak with their new liege.

The summer passed by with the peasants toiling in the fields, the Saxons had requested tribute and so the yield would need to be good. Sir Pelinore had his peasants logging in the forests to try and bolster the coffers.

Christmas court was a more joyous occasions that the previous year. Earl Robert taking his place on the dias and the new knights able to mingle with the other nobles in court. Sir Gabran of Woolstone called Sir Pelinore to one side and informed him of his daughters new condition. It seems that she is with child. He pressed the importance of a marriage to Sir Pelinore and the new knight acquiesced with the request. The Earl gave his permission for the match to go ahead. Fathering a child on the day of his knighthood is a new one for everybody. Sir Miles, whom had been ejecting from the hall due to an altercation with an unruly knight offered financial assistance for the wedding upon hearing of the news.

Next year a tournament is to be held in London and hopefully a new high king chosen. It should be a grand affair.


This was fun although my brain wasn’t fully into it. It was a disjointed session due to us doing knight creation just before. Still, they all seemed enjoy themselves. Next session should be on the 9th February after the excellent con Conception. Looking forward to both.


neal_latham neal_latham

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