House Rules

List of House Rules


Aging starts to occur at 32 as opposed to 35 in the book.

Childbirth Tables


As per the rules except where during combat if both combatants roll a critical they do 1d3 damage to each other, ignoring armour. This is to simulate them wearing each other down as they cannot find an opening.
Taken from Greg’s Pendragon site.

Simplified Manor system

  • Make all manors provide £6 in income as the norm in the rulebook and in BotM. Do not do any rolling.
  • Bit more complicated: you could tie this to Stewardship, either with or without the simplified 1d6 weather roll (1 = Terrible (£1.5), 2 = Bad (£3), 3-4 = Normal (£6), 5 = Good (£9), 6 = Excellent (£12)).
  • Simple system: On a Successful Stewardship, you get extra £1 to spend, on a fumble -£3, on a crit success+£3. That gives players some incentive to have good stewardship.
  • More complicated system with the Weather roll: Allow a successful Stewardship cover for the bad weather; this way a good stewardship helps to cover the problems, but doesn’t lead to big loads of cash. Fumble -1 step, Critical +1 step (or Normal, whichever is higher).
Thanks to Morien on the Pendragon forum for this.

Shield and Armour damage

For every 6 rolled in damage roll, decrease shield’s protective value by one against subsequent attacks (i.e. the shield protects at pre-hit value against this attack). Do count Axe’s extra die and of two-handed weapons, but not other weapon bonus dice (i.e. Mace, Hammer), as those reflect more the penetration efficiency than actual damage. Shield is not damaged when it is not interposed to defend against the attack (such as on a failed weapon roll or a fumble, or against a Flail (although in our campaign Flails do not bypass the shield utterly and hence might damage the shield)).

Armor is damaged by 1 point for every two 6’s rolled on a single hit that are not absorbed by the shield.

House Rules

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